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Welcome to Restoration Bodycare. If you have been "sidelined" by an injury, illness, or surgery, Restoration Bodycare can help you return to an active lifestyle. Perhaps you simply want to improve your fitness level and need the proper guidance. Maybe you are looking for some very focused bodywork on problem areas and need the expertise of a Physical Therapist who is also a licensed Massage Therapist. Restoration Bodycare offers personalized Physical Therapy, Rehabilitative Massage, Group Exercise classes, and Private Fitness Training.

Restoration Bodycare Philosophy

We all want to stay active and involved in the things we love doing most in life. Our bodies, when given the right support, want to heal and maintain our highest level of function. At Restoration Bodycare, your care will be a “team effort”. You will need to be a member of this team and an active participant in your recovery or wellness. This may take the form of performing stretching or strengthening exercises, modifying unhealthy habits, or improving your posture and body mechanics. Manual Therapy and “hands-on” techniques provided by the Physical Therapist will assist you in this process.