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I have had the unique opportunity to work with Lisa both as a patient (total knee replacement) as well as a referring Physician. She is superb in all respects. She is tough. This is good. She is driven and this too is a good trait. She works the patient to the max and does so in a soothing environment. She is very well trained and very good with patients. I have been given rave reviews of her by most if not all of my patients who have seen her. I would unequivocally recommend her for all PT related referrals.

– Alfred D. Oppenheim, M.D.

Thoroughly professional, keenly tuned into the body, referred by top doctors, we always found relief from those healing hands!! Lisa Sutton is the best Physical Therapist that my husband or I have ever experienced.

– Ellie Mednick, Executive Director Lark Theater & Dr. Jerome Mednick, Pediatric Neurologist S.F.

I have consulted Lisa Sutton for diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations over the last decade. I have always found her to be careful, detailed, and thorough in doing evaluations (knees, rotator cuff, low back). Her recommendations for exercises, stretches, and Physical Therapy have been thoughtful and well tailored to my particular needs. She has always been eager to encourage me to take over my own care by training me to do at-home stretches and strength building. Her work as a Physical Therapist has always been of the very highest caliber. I have been thoroughly impressed with her judgment and how well she has handled the varied conditions for which I have consulted her. I have also made several referrals to her and have heard very positive feedback from friends and patients I’ve sent to her. I can recommend Lisa Sutton without reservation for Physical Therapy, for diagnostic evaluations, and for consideration about treatment options.

– Richard Shore, M.D.

Lisa Sutton has been our Physical Therapist since 2010. I first saw her for extreme neck pain following melanoma surgery in my right arm. This necessitated wearing a sling. Her massage, recommendations for home care, deep spine compression and sessions of traction quickly resolved the problem. She was referred by friends, and because of her expert diagnoses and care, we have referred her to countless other friends and physicians. She is thorough, kind, cautious, and always most professional. Lisa consistently brings relief either through various methods of Physical Therapy, or massage therapy, reducing tension, localized aches and stress. Lisa’s level of expertise and knowledge immediately puts one at ease; her cheerful, soothing demeanor and warmth add to one’s confidence that you are in excellent hands. We highly recommend her services.

– Ellen Rosen & Mel Rosen, M.D.

I can unreservedly recommend Lisa Sutton to anyone looking for a skilled Physical Therapist. She combines her technical skill with a most winning attitude. She is positive and encouraging and is a delight to be with.

– Richard Newman

I have been coming to Lisa Sutton for about 6 years for both Physical Therapy work as well as monthly restorative massage. She is extremely professional, caring, and her knowledge in the field of Physical Therapy is fabulous. I have had several issues over the years with disc problems in my back and neck as well as knee and foot injuries. She has always helped me to first understand my problem, strengthen and heal as well as continue my athletic pursuits. I also began seeing her monthly for rehabilitative massage and I absolutely refuse to have a massage anywhere else. I think because she takes the time to care and understand my body and its aches and pains, she gives me the best rehabilitative massage. I leave feeling pain free as well as calm. Lisa is personable and cares not only about your physical issues but you as a person and that is unique, especially in this day and age where in the medical world you are just a number. I highly recommend Lisa Sutton for both Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Massage.

– Lisa Katz

How fortunate I was to find such a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in our area. Lisa has guided and assisted me greatly in my recovery of consecutive knee replacements within the last six months. Her determination to see that I regained the full range of motion and physical strength necessary to lead the active life I enjoy was a key factor in this whole process. I am greatly indebted to Lisa for her encouragement, dedication, and determination as well as her immeasurable skills.

– Ann Thornhill

I can truly say that Lisa’s technical knowledge of Physical Therapy, along with her positive approach, genuine feelings toward her clients, and lastly her beaming personality enabled me to resume my biking and hiking upon completion of her program. I am pleased to say I have been a client of hers, and due in part to her professionalism, I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of her specialties.

– Mary Levinson

I have found Lisa to be very thorough in diagnosing my symptoms. She possesses the knowledge and range of skills that got me back to a healthy lifestyle. Her professionalism and dedication to helping her patients achieve their health goals has been greatly appreciated. I believe the reason for her successful treatments is due to her openness and willingness to listen to her patients and her dedication to healing. Without hesitation, I have recommended Lisa Sutton to my co-workers, family and friends.

– Patricia Loy

Lisa Sutton is a true professional. Her acumen for Physical Therapy is transformed into all aspects of her vigorous, enthusiastic, and top drawer training.

– Lisa York, Bay Club Marin Exercise enthusiast